It's a banner.

All changes to the site are listed here.

- Changed site URL.
- Updated Contact page. The PHP form was removed due to incompatibility with DropPages.

- ZC: Updated Ibuprofen.
- ZC: Added Pessimistic Pizza.

Last update was... three years ago. Where has the time gone?
- Site brought back to life via the combined use of DropPages and DropBox.
- FAQ updated.
- Some quest .zips have text files in them. I'll write the others over time as I replay them.

- FAQ updated.
- Background brightened for easier readability.

- Changed the Quest Header in all older ZC quests to just "PolygonX8". The e-mail previously within them is now obsolete, and it's rather redundant what with the contact form already on the site. Additionally, I added the original version of MSR377 to the RAR file; its graphics are similar to that of the Fusion quest, and the midis are low-tier in comparison to that of the newer.

- Updated A Link to the Darkness 5. Thanks to Eppy's LP of the quest on YouTube, I was able to note a grand total of 27 bugs in this quest. Sheesh. If you play the quest from after this point, and find any remaining bugs or new ones I may have created, please let me know.

- Updated Ibuprofen again. I had to reenable the Z3-styled boomerang/hookshot, because without it, magic could not be reflected with the fire boomerang. Oops!

- Updated Ibuprofen. Changes to the quest are included within the readme file.

- I have created a new 1.92 quest entitled "Ibuprofen". Make sure you read the readme file before playing.

- Fixed the SDR demo as there were tons of bugs in it. Some of the atrocious dialogue didn't make sense (oh wait none of it does lol) due to deletion of strings resulting in set strings to go backwards, and whatnot. Don't feel like explaining, but you may know what I mean from this brief elaboration.

- Added the SDR and MTPP demos to the ZC page. Make sure you play them on the 1.92 b184 player, as I recall they worked better on that than 183.

- Cleaned up invalid HTML code on the site.
- Redid the contact form; it operates through a PHP script now, rather than Perl (because that apparently broke on the server!).

The site has been finalized.
- Removed the Guestbook and old Contact pages. Form renamed to Contact.
- Redid the navigation rollovers using CSS. Thanks to Tseng for helping out a bit.
- Fixed content area alignment.
- Changed line height to 1.25. Should look standard in line spacing now.
- Created a Last Update logo image for the index page. Font used was "Press Start K".

More changes, again.
- Added borders around each area to show separation.
- Changed some font bits.
- Spaced buttons by 2px inbetween each. Also redid the text in the rollover image (Sharp font style via Photoshop).
- Vectorized the BG in Inkscape so as to be more smooth and fit in better with the images.
- Link to my site, Exalted Legion, is now in the navigation.

I've been far more bored than usual as of late. Fortunately, this site came to mind; "Shouldn't I just move it over to my host?"
- Site moved over to my host,
- Pages reworked; various bits are displayed via dividers. Thanks to Sephiroth for helping me out.
- Visitors counter now runs off of a small PHP script.
- Forums page has been changed to "Form". You may use the form provided to relay a message to my special e-mail account.
- I somehow lost the original FAQ page, so I worked off an old save on my computer. Edited some questions/answers as well.
- Guestbook was also redone.

After being reminded, decided I'd finally fix up all of the broken links. Only currently broken link is the FAQ, which I'll fix later on. Further changes made to this site are as follows.
- Changed several captionated descriptions for each page.
- Links page redone.
- Forums truncated.

- Fixed the guestbook to no longer show IP addresses.
- Added text on home page to notify of latest update.
- Edited home page warning.

- Migrated my site over to Freewebs due to it being more reliable. New layout, few new images, forums.
- Removed the emoticon thing (that swirled the images around).
- Removed the About Exate page.

- Added a silly javascript file. Why, it's right above this. Click the emote if you dare.

- Added Espilan's page — Night's Domain — and my forum — Exalted Legion — to the links section. And no, EL's return is not an April Fool's joke.

- Added a Guestbook section for you all to sign. The button for it is supposed to be that generic design to signify a person.
- Moved the web-counter above the updates.
- Updated the FAQ page.
- Reorganized this updates section.

- Added a notice on this page above if you find errors.
- Added a small description to all quests in the ZC section and added LttD6 info as well.
- Links page has descriptions under the links now.
- Back buttons fixed.

Site is complete. Woot.