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Sites in relevance to ZC/ZZT.

Armageddon Games - Home of Zelda Classic and its development. All updates in pertinence to ZC will be here. Any errors you find with ZC/ZQ should be reported here as well.
Zelda Classic (Official) - AGN's official ZC page. Has an extensive database of ZC quests, and provides several downloadable versions of ZC/ZQ.
Pure Zelda Classic - The definitive Zelda Classic resource. Houses quests ranging from as early as 1.90 to 2.10. Tileset database, loose tiles, and music — just about everything you'll need to meet your ZCing needs.
Forgotten Bloodlines - Site run by Espilan, whom has had a hand in contributing a great deal of music to the ZC community. You can find a lot of his MIDI compositions here.

z2 - The official home of ZZT. Proclaimed dead as of April 23, 2009.

VG Music - The largest archive of video game MIDI music on the web. Great resource for music to integrate into ZC quests, or other games.
The Spriter's Resource | The Shyguy Kingdom | Game Sprite Archives - Three reliable sites for sprites from various games of all consoles. Can be used to integrate into your ZC quests.