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A collection of common questions that I've been asked over the years, and my responses. From time to time, I do amend my responses as necessary to reflect the present, and any chances that may have occurred.

Q: How did you create this site?
A: From scratch. The site's been worked from on Yahoo!'s old Geocities service, Freewebs, and then (currently) Notepad++. The site consists of HTML, defined by an external CSS file for the effects. I have to thank Sephiroth of PureZC for helping me out with the CSS as there were some things I just couldn't get right on my own. For the curious, the fonts used on the site for images are: Old English Text MT (logo, nav buttons), Matura MT Script (page "logos", nav "logo"), Porky's (visitors), and Press Start K (last update "logo").

Q: If I get lost in one of your ZC quests or ZZT games, may I contact you for help?
A: Yes, you may — This is why I have a contact page.

Q: What happened to MTPP and HttD?
A: Both are scrapped projects. Had heavy dissatisfaction with HttD, and apathetic towards development of Metroid-styled quests anymore. Demos of the two are available in the ZC section.

Q: What made you finally release your MTPP/MXLR and HttD sets?
A: I became less stingy over time, and knowing MTPP/HttD may never be finished, I decided to let their graphics go to the public.

Q: Why did you change your alias from PolygonX8? It took me forever to figure out you were the same guy.
A: It sounded too similar to somebody else's name on the internet (which happened to be the primary influence for the original alias years back). "Exate" is derived from the old alias, anyway; it's a phonetic form of "X8".

Q: What's your history with PureZC?
A: I've been registered on PureZC since May 31st, 2003. Lurked for a few months, ended up a moderator at some point, ran a QPF, became a super moderator, etc. I bounced on and off on the staff team for a few years due to conflict of interest.

Q: What's your status at PureZC now?
A: Just a lurker. I'll occasionally perform sub-forum searches for my aliases to bring up topics that may need my attention. I don't actively post any longer.

Q: In regards to EL, what's the history of that place?
A: It was an experimental forum community that began as "Ignithus Caves" on the InvisionFree service. It was created with the idea that at least a handful of people would join cosindering I had a few friends/fans from the PZC community. It eventually became its own tightly-knit group of people. EL has died and been reinstated several times. Currently, the site has been through five different incarnations. The last death was a unanimous agreement, as the core members of EL have mostly lost interest in the concept of forums, and much prefer to communicate over IRC, Twitter, etc.

S: Your quests have severe bugs in them.
A: Are you playing on a version of ZC that wasn't recommended for the listed quest? I know for certain that versions like 2.10 really don't run older quests very well at all, although 2.50 seems to do just fine (from what little experience I've had loading older quests, anyway). I understand if an older version of ZC isn't capable of running on your machine. If you encounter gamebreaking bugs, send me a message via the Contact page; if I'm up to it, I'll probably just upgrade an old quest to 2.50, amend any necessary errors, and then send it to you. Big emphasis on "if I'm up to it," though.

S: ZZT seems harder than ZC in terms of making games.
A: It is, verily, much tougher. I worked with ZZT around the age of 10~12, and my brain wasn't that well-developed just yet; trying to understand the "language" of the program was more than a challenge, but I still managed to pull through after tons of trial-and-error.

S: I think I've seen you draw characters and ZC maps before.
A: Yes, I used to sketch maps for each DMap and the like when I worked in ZQ. I still plan out in a similar manner, but such diagrams are far less elaborate. Drawings of various characters is another thing I used to do. You can find a lot of my work on my deviantART page via the links.